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Exaltationem Rosae

Exaltationem Rosae 

Il Roseto


The rose garden

The Vacunae Rosea rose garden  is located in the woods of Vacuna Goddess, goddess of fertility and well-being of Sabina.

At  the visitor's entry point there is a rock garden inspired by the far East - location of initial meditation on beauty and on the fate of the rose.

Hence the ' Wanderers ' intellectual ascent begins towards the garden-paradise.

The railings are background scenery with  roses climbing on walls. All the walls are festooned with sarmentose roses, with degrading colors, long about 800 meters.

Outside the security fence runs a circuit of sacred trees which love roses: tamarisk, pomegranate and almond. The planimetric configuration of the rose garden has received the form of Angel's wings and is able to accommodate around 7,000 rosebushes with  5,000 varieties of roses.

The rose garden  offers a historical, cultural, and artistic world of roses. The 130 field and paths are thematic. In every field there is a group of homogeneous roses for the botanical development, for history, for colors and perfumes.

The fundamental axis of the garden is marked by water flow in 9 fountains, from the radiant pool Virgo (Southeast), to the cozy one, Vacunae (Northwest). The summit of the garden is dominated by a symbol of the Vergin,  and Virgo directly supplies the fountain of Pantera, sacred to Dionysus.

Between Virgo and Vacunae we find the pool of Psyche and the rose garden center  appears hidden inside a maze of roses.

From  the maze you will come across a ladder and a high bridge that allows a 360° view of the garden.

By Psyche the water flow into the fountain of Viator. It’s the Pilgrim's pool - visitor ascends the china of wisdom and is rewarded. Before coming to the Viator, Psyche's waters plunge in Sirr, the secret and meditation place of the scholars. Psyche and sirr also receive the waters of Libra, balance and wisdom, in symmetric contrast with Evoe,  the crazy musical fountain of the invocation to Dionysus. At the extreme point of the Angel's wing Hirundo, the source Rondinella whose waters flow in Viator, to cheer his meditation and in vacunae, to announce the eternal spring.


Visits on reservations-tours are guided.

The best periods to visit the rose garden are the months of May-June and September-October


The ticket includes guided tour

€ 10.00 single

€ 8.00 for groups 10/20 persons

€ 5,00 for groups 20/30 persons

€ 5,00 per person if you take lunch or dinner at the restaurant Triskelis

de la Tacita Country Club (with prior appointment)




The Association has no sort of profit but a purpose of disseminating knowledge of roses, their cultivation and encouraging, improving and extending cultivation by means of experiments, exhibitions, publications, competitions and other activities.

Membership of the Association has an annual cost of 30 euro and allows them to participate and receive benefits for associates at the events that are organized throughout the year (course of pruning, International Competition) and subsidized prices at the lunch organized by the TACITA Country Club at each event.

Concorso Internazionale

The International Competition for the varieties of roses on the market for less than 5 years, takes place under the patronage of the World Federation of Roses at Tenuta La Tacita Country Club in Sabina, a few kilometers from Rome.

The competition is characterized by its internationality, considering the participation of breeders from all over the world and by the presence of a qualified jury that evaluate the entire path of the rose’s growth throughout the year. The awards of all editions - and we are at the IVth - are divided into 7 categories. The Best Fragrance in honor of Prof. Gianfranco Fineschi, who was Honorary Chairman of the jury, the best Groundcover, Best Fluribunda, Best HT, Best Arbustiva, Best Sarmentosa and at last the Best of the Best award that establishes the best rose hybridized of the year.

The prizes are awarded by an international jury which expresses its opinion during the event and is based on the impression by a permanent Jury of experts, which has the task to follow throughout the year all the rose’s growth, and whose opinion is also the result of a careful work of observation and cataloguing of hybridization (crossbreeding) processes.




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