The Rose Garden is the first one in the world from the conceptual viewpoint

and the second one after Sangerhausen(Germany) from the variety view point.
It features some 5.500 different botanic roses
It hosts 9 fountains with 28 submersible pumps realizing wonderful water- fountains.

The rose garden is undergoing at present a little maintenance updating names,breeders and year. Yet this month roses are just splendid.

The International Competition

The International Competition for the varieties of roses on the market for less than 5 years, takes place under the patronage of the World Federation of Roses at Tenuta La Tacita in Sabina, a few kilometers from Rome.

The competition is characterized by its internationality, considering the participation of breeders from all over the world and by the presence of a qualified jury that evaluate the entire path of the rose’s growth throughout the year.

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