The Vacunae Rosae rose garden is a dream that came true, the achievement of a vision, the realization of one sole passion: the rose. This unique garden is located in the charming countryside of Sabina (Rieti area in Lazio region), just under the pretty village of Roccantica.

The Latin names comes by the fact that the garden grows in the woods of Vacuna Goddess, the local ancient goddess of fertility and well-being.
Vacunae Rosae is meant to be a meditation walk to reach the paradise, and different paths can be followed as the 7000 rose bushes with 5500 varieties are gathered by the botanical development, bu history, by colors and perfumes. The shape of the garden seen from above is an angel’s wing.

At the entrance there is a rock garden inspired by the far East – location of initial meditation on beauty and on the fate of the rose. The railings are background scenery with roses climbing on walls. All the walls are festooned with sarmentose roses, with degrading colors, long about 800 meters.

The fundamental axis of the garden is marked by water flow in 9 fountains, from the radiant pool Virgo (South East), to the cozy one, Vacunae (Northwest) (The 9 fountains already realized while the water flow is under construction). The summit of the garden is dominated by a symbol of the Vergin, and Virgo directly supplies the fountain of Pantera, sacred to Dionysus. From the maze you will come across a ladder and By Psyche the water flow into the fountain of Viator. It’s the Pilgrim’s pool – visitor ascends the china of wisdom and is rewarded. Before coming to the Viator, Psyche’s waters plunge in Sirr, the secret and meditation place of the scholars. Psyche and Sirr also receive the waters of Libra, balance and wisdom, in symmetric contrast with Evoe, the crazy musical fountain of the invocation to Dionysus. At the extreme point of the Angel’s wing Hirundo, the source Rondinella whose waters flow in Viator, to cheer his meditation and in vacunae, to announce the eternal spring. Between Virgo and Vacunae you find the pool of Psyche and the rose garden center appears hidden inside a maze of roses. Do not miss the 360° view of the roses by the panoramic bridge!

Outside the security fence runs a circuit of sacred trees which love roses: tamarisk, pomegranate and almonds.
Vacunae rose is the first Italian rose garden and the second in the world considering the number of rose varieties.”